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Bill Rae Contracting provide a complete ammonia straw treatment service, including wrapping using our tubeline bale wrapper which uses 50% less plastic than conventional individual machines.

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Bill Rae Contracting have the machinery and the experience to deal with all aspects of implementing your “Scrub Control Plan” in conjunction with the Agri-Environment Scheme.

• Control of Scrub or Woody vegetation (whins, gorse etc) Light to Heavy ground cover
• Cutting of Rush pasture
• Heather Restoration + Follow up Molinia control
• Heather Cutting


B. Rae Contracting Ltd provide a wide range of agricultural and utility contracting services required by farmers, forestry, and commercial customers.

We provide a range of specific livestock feed processing and storage services, as well as forage and agri products supply.

All types of agricultural groundworks from ditches and drains to shed bases and road construction.

We have a wide range of flails, mulchers, hydro-saws and wood chipper to suit all vegetation maintenance requests from a wee roadside tidy up to full site clearance.


B. Rae Contracting Ltd have a wide range of modern, efficient machinery and skilled conscientious staff, able to undertake nearly all types of arable and grassland operations including but not limited to:-

• Ploughing
• Combination Drilling
• Cambridge rolling.
• Fertiliser Spreading
• Spraying
• Direct Drilling / Pasture Rejuvenation With MooreUni-Drill
• Topping
• Mulching
• Silage / Hay Raking
• All Types of Agri Haulage: Silage Trailers, DumpTrailers, Bulk Trailers, Dump Trailers and Flat Trailers
• Muck Handling / Spreading / Spreader Hire (SlurryDoor and Spinning Deck available)
• Sward Lifting
• Hedge Cutting, - Flail or Multi Saw
• Tubeline Bale Wrapping


We provide a range of specific livestock feed processing and storage services.

high capacity mobile mills

Two high capacity mobile mills for all dry rolling and grain crimping operations. These machines can accurately apply all types of liquid propionic preservatives, additives and liquid feeds as well as Maxximon / Home n Dry pellets and any other bulk feeds to be mixed in post crushing.

Ag-BagStorage System

(see main Ag-Bag page)

Tubeline Bale Wrapping

Round or square bales, the machine has a 6’ diameter ring the bales pass through soits possible to wrap huge round bales or two quadrants or similar stacked on top of each other. Used for weatherproofing hay and straw, full 6 layer silage wrapping, or wrapping straw in preparation for treating with ammonia.

Ammonia Treatment service

This is for wrapped or stacked straw bales. The ammonia is used to break down the lignin (waxy coating) on straw to make it more digestible for cattle and it also adds a little feed value to your straw.

Newly introduced services

Our Ag-Bag feed-out service.


The supply and delivery of hay, straw and silage.

product supply

Supply of clamp sheets, silage rings and mats, Kofasil silage additives and bird nets for Ag-Bags, clamps and bale stacks (see “Forage Products” page)


• All drainage and groundworks can be undertaken.
• Land Drainage
• Foundations
• Hard Standings
• Ponds
• Forest and Farm Roads
• Concreting etc 
• Two 14 Tonne 360° Excavators
• One 3CX 180° Digger
• Multiple Tractors and Dump Trailers


We have a wide range of Flails, Mulchers, Hydro Saws and Wood chipper to suit all vegetation maintenance requirements.

• Hedge Cutting
• Roadside Verge Cutting
• Multi Saw Blade Attachment to face up overhanging tree branches or cutting hedge sides.
• Mulchers For rushes, whins, gorse, heather moorland, forest road re-gen growth etc
• Heavy Duty Toppers with mounted air seeders for heather moorland topping and re-seeding in one pass
• Junkkari Wood Chipper (up to 9”logs)